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Marketing 101 For Casino Hotels

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The following is an article “Marketing 101 For Casino Hotels” by Marc Primo.

Casino hotels, whether in Vegas or the opposite side of the world in Macau, are the theme-park equivalent for every hedonistic bon vivant. But considering the number of these resorts sprouting as frequently as a neighborhood convenience store, just how exactly do marketing managers of these casino hotels compete for market share?

The following are some strategies used by casino hotels and integrated resorts to promote their brands to loyal clientele and potential new members:

Advertising — Generally speaking, advertising is largely done using traditional media such as television, radio, and print. Casino hotels typically have two marketing strategies when using these platforms: thematic and tactical campaigns. The former would be an umbrella ad that encapsulates the very essence of the brand, something that can be aired over an extended period of time without losing its relevance; for instance, a unique selling point such as “Where luck and luxury meet”. A tactical campaign, on the other hand, is one that promotes a specific aspect of the brand over a shorter period of time. Typical tactical campaigns will have a call to action such as “Sign up for free membership between October 1 and December 31, 2018 only”.

New media — Digital marketing cannot be excluded from any casino hotel’s marketing plan and is a vital supplement to traditional advertising campaigns. Social media continues to be a growing force in any business’ advertising arsenal, not to mention a practical one that is cost efficient compared to its mature counterparts on the traditional end of the spectrum. New media is the realm where the creativity of a casino hotel’s social media team can shine through with just one well thought out post, and the potential to go viral and reach millions of people online is always just a Facebook post away.

Though leadership — A subtle way of promoting casino hotels and integrated resorts is by selecting a proponent from the company, preferably a high-ranking executive, and have him or her contribute regular content for various media. These could be in the form of contributed articles in newspapers that are by-lined by said proponent, wherein he discusses various aspects of the business and showcases his expertise on a range of industry-related topics from online gambling to good corporate citizenship, without hard selling the company he represents. This technique is effective as it positions the brand as a socially responsible one, gaining the respect of the audience in the process.

Public relations — As discussed in a previous blog post, there is nothing quite like hearing about a brand’s awesomeness from a trusted and reliable third party. This is the magic of good public relations, wherein a healthy relationship with the press is forged. By building and sustaining a rapport with newspaper editors and broadcast media, you can eventually count on them to help promote your business through features and coverage that will give you the media mileage you desire at minimal cost vis-a-vis advertising.


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