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How To Hire The Best People

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The following is an article “How To Hire The Best People” by Marc Primo.

Having the right people behind you in business can spell ‘SUCCESS’ in capital letters. Each entrepreneur wants to land the most competent people and partners behind them. Those who can get the job done and shows their depth of understanding on what your company objectives are all about.

Some agencies have started what now is a major enterprise with as less at two people at the helm. But as the company grows, so does the need for more employees. Hiring the right people to run your show should leave no room for micro-managing so that you may have more time on your hands to keep pace with industry developments or concentrate on more pertinent matters instead.

Here are three tips on how to hire the right people for your business.

Pick the ones that fit your culture. It’s not surprising how about two-thirds of businesses regard skills and experience as the most important factors when in search for new hires. Another important thing to look for though is how fit the candidates are for your office culture. 87% of leaders find that those that fit in well in occupational culture become more successful in their career than those who do not share the same values, belief system, and goals as the company. Along with molding your brand essence and setting up your core values, establishing a culture that you, your partners, and your employees will feel comfortable in is a necessity. Designing a model where hierarchy is set aside for respect and regard means that you must create an environment where everyone feels supported and nurtured. To put it plainly, put up a workplace where everyone will get excited every time they come in to report for duty.

Place a premium on soft skills. Experts will tell you that valuing the employees’ soft skills including creativity and communication skills is necessary in evaluating a candidate for a particular job. Aside from skimming through his achievements and skills on paper, you should try to discover a candidate’s innate abilities and passions that are not covered by his diploma. You’ll be surprised how wealthy and promising people’s soft skills are until you really take the time to know them. Today, it is more difficult to look for potential candidates for a specific job due to rising attrition rates. People often leave companies and into other ventures whether for a more attractive compensation package, an opportunity to engage in a start-up business of their own, or even just to pursue their own passions. Keeping in mind that employees go with the current digital trends and knowing who they really are personally can somehow help you land the right ones for the job.

Look out for potential. In hiring an employee, thoroughly review the list of training and development they have taken. These can give you an idea on how to further develop your employee’s technical knowledge and realize their full potential. Having this knowledge will also help you make positive differences in your operations quickly. Also, investing in your employees’ skills can place you both in a win-win situation. By properly planning and evaluating your employees’ potentials, you can measure what they can perform at the moment and make logical considerations on how you can groom them in the future as effective leaders of your company.


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