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6 Productive Work Hacks That Let You Earn More

This is an article “6 Productive Work Hacks That Let You Earn More” by Marc Primo

Contrary to what many might think, 'multitasking' is not always a good thing. Juggling a dozen tasks all at once can quickly leave you exhausted, less motivated, and without any time for yourself. However, this doesn't mean you can't optimize the way you handle multiple tasks. With a few practical work hacks, you can work smarter and be more productive than ever.

2021 may be the year every employee utters the term' burnout.' From work-from-home teachers, medical professionals, and restaurant staff, people are exhausted. With remote work at the forefront of most workplaces right now, company culture can do little to build employee morale and eventually take a toll on your performance. Despite the current health crisis and the stress it brings, you'd still have to deal with the same number of work assignments so as not to hamper the business flow.

You've probably browsed the internet for inspiring listicles, only to find out that the majority of sources tell you to manage your time and avoid procrastination. While both count as sage advice, the work hacks listed below will teach you to approach things on a more skill-based level rather than simply fine tune your work behavior. You'll also get to discover great tools that can help you fast-track work processes and free more time for yourself through automated executions. And free time could also mean more opportunities to earn via side jobs.

So, let's get right to it!

1. Don't spend more time ‘AFK’

This advice does not mean you should spend more time on your multiplayer video games on your computer. Instead, not spending more time 'away from keyboard' means you should allot more time understanding the many shortcuts you can use on your keyboard. These often-overlooked hacks can make you type faster and execute numerous office commands for quicker and more work done.

Whether you use Microsoft or Mac, keyboards have a range of shortcuts that speed up what you do. Since many of us spend eight hours per day working in front of a screen, why not save 21 days per year by typing faster?

You might already know the most common shortcuts like Control/Command S (Save), C (Copy), X (Cut), and V (Paste). A few more keyboard shortcuts that can help you accomplish your assignments faster are available here if you use Microsoft Windows.

2. Use integrated apps

A few minutes on Google Play or the App Store browsing for productivity tools can give you a handful of excellent tools for work. Of course, you'd want to look for apps that help you manage time, planners, schedulers, and even e-wallets for your financial management.

The big question is: how will you find the best apps suited for your work lifestyle. Yes, a simple Google search may help, but you really need to screen potential tools and test them out first. Some apps such as Slack or Microsoft 365 also have cloud-based integrated functions you might want to check out for more straightforward navigation.

The main objective here is to use apps that help you focus on the work at hand, organize your work time, and streamline work processes for better productivity.

3. Manage multiple tabs

These days, employees find themselves drowning in open tabs on their browsers. Try to minimize this as much as possible to lessen distractions and free up some browser RAM for faster search results.

If you can't avoid opening too many tabs at once, try using apps like OneTab to manage your tabs more efficiently. It keeps everything neat via a tab list you can scroll through when you need to revisit a site or skim through your history. Using the app is most helpful if you are handling different types of work or multiple clients. Plus, it saves you up to 95% of memory while getting rid of tab clutter.

4. Create a 'not-to-do list'

To-do lists are handy when you want to organize your tasks, but 'not-to-do lists are equally important. Ideally, you would want to minimize distractions while looking to be more productive, so list down a few things you can say 'pass' to, such as watching TV or catching up on social media (unless, of course, it’s part of your job).

'Not-to-do' lists also help you maintain a work-life balance by jotting down unnecessary tasks in your workload, which may include sending non-work-related emails or responding to official correspondence while angry. The list goes on, but enumerating the counterproductive things can help you accomplish tasks better and quicker.

5. Apply the KISS principle

Most employees spend too much time overthinking and composing rambling emails when all it takes is to 'kiss'– keep it short and simple. Email recipients don't look forward to wordy messages, and nobody wants brainstorming sessions to drag on longer than what is necessary.

To apply the KISS method, you'll have to practice your 'elevator speech', or be able to summarize what you have in mind within 30 seconds. You can use this while on the phone with clients, during job interviews, while networking, or even during team meetings.

6. Learn, learn, learn

Earning more money while learning to be more productive doesn't stop after reading this article. You should always be ahead of the learning curve and continuously polish the skills that can lead you to more opportunities.

If you are managing content, try your hand at being a freelance graphic designer or writer by attending webinars that offer graduate certificates. If you know your numbers, check for online accountant side jobs that use platforms for remote management. There are plenty of work and how-to resources these days, and most of them make earning money faster and easier.

Once you've organized your tasks for your nine-to-fiver and have more time on your hands, the easier it becomes to earn more money from other gigs that you can perform at your own pace.

Perhaps, the biggest takeaway you can get from this article is knowing how to work smarter instead of harder. Doing so could save you time, reduce stress, and increase earnings, while giving you the work-life balance that frees up your day for other essential things.


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