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The Best Side Projects That Can Earn You Extra From Home

This is an article “The Best Side Projects That Can Earn You Extra From Home” by Marc Primo

The year 2020 saw many entrepreneurs struggling to keep up with the creeping recession that COVID-19 has brought. At least one out of four professionals has been forced to seek shelter at home, making businesses suffer and employment rates take a nosedive to an all-time low.

Thanks to today’s digital age, more opportunities are available even if we all stay and work from home. For business owners who took a blow in their profits because of the current pandemic, here are some side hustles you can consider to keep your business operating or get into an entirely different money gig.

Digital Marketer

The digital marketing industry continues to rise during the height of the pandemic months in June ,with nearly 40% of consumers purchasing goods online.

For businesses who have recently transitioned into digital, starting out with a Facebook business page might just be enough to keep the ball rolling. Basic marketing strategies for social media are quite easy to learn and you can gradually increase your knowledge to discover more opportunities as you go along.

Starting off with relevant content posts, buyer persona identification, and SEO are enough to boost your online traffic and create new leads. Once you’ve mastered the trade, try and help out other businesses who need some digital push of their own and earn extra from the job.

Average Digital Marketer salary per month: $4,500 to $7,500

Virtual Assistant

This job is absolutely perfect for a “work from home” side gig!

If you’re as reliable as a Swiss Army knife and good at scheduling appointments, communicating, organizing, have 24/7 web access, and willing to work from different time zones, then you just might have the right chops to earn as a VA.

Put in a little extra, such as accounting or programming skills, and increase your value as a VA. You’ll need those extra skills, too, as this type of online employment continues to rise with a compound annual growth rate of 4.4% from 2018 to 2022.

Try learning new things that concern social media marketing (where you simply promote brands and products through socmed posts), e-commerce (online selling), calendar management, e-mail correspondence, and the latest online business tools like Slack, Monday, and Hive Desk. The more you can offer, the better the pay and advantage over the competition.

Average Virtual Assistant salary per month: $5,000 to $8,000

Freelance Writer

The future is bright for freelance writers all over the world with higher demands projected in the coming years, thanks to everything going digital. Top freelancer platforms Upwork, Fiverr, and People Per Hour continue to hire thousands who can carve out a niche and offer their services online, and there’s certainly room for more.

To give you an idea, starting out as a freelance writer doesn’t necessarily mean you should have a legit background in editorial or journalism. Most freelance writers are professionals who use other skill sets, but are passionate enough about what they do that they can write topics about them on paper, beautifully.

Start by doing some research on a focused topic and practice writing your way into a coherent and interesting article. Avoid fluff and focus on clarity. Addressing your followers’ needs and sharing with them a new lesson or two will keep them reading and your clients coming in.

Average Freelance Writer salary per month: $5,200 to $8,200

There’s no shame in taking on a side hustle even if you are a company owner. Real bosses have what it takes to be resilient and these days and time permitting, an extra job wouldn’t hurt to help you weather this COVID-19 pandemic and come out strong.


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