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Top Startups in 2020

This is an article “Top Startups in 2020” by Marc Primo

The previous year saw many startups winning in the rat race and establishing wider consumer bases, while growing income for various niches despite a global pandemic delivering huge blows across multiple industries. As 2021 welcomes new opportunities in the digital space, more businesses are now trying to connect with the right startups to amp up their own chances for better profits.

To learn and connect with funded startups, companies are now gathering more relevant data through online fund-tracking apps to review the financial health and performance of their respective prospects. Now, whether you are a venture capitalist or a non-accredited investor in an equity crowdfunding page, you might want to check out these impressive performers from 2020 to give you an idea on what’s currently making waves in the U.S. startup ecosystem.

Currently with over 4,000 employees in its fold, this New York startup provides efficient customer services, loans, and data analysis for its clients which proved to be very useful during the surge of the global pandemic. utilized a business model that made the mortgage application process easier by eliminating fees and doing away with upfront appointments. This led to a significant increase in the number of housing refinancing deals and higher demands on loans complemented by the lowering of interest rates on housing.

This year, the digital lender startup continues to steadily grow and appears to show no signs of slowing down as it opens up more employment opportunities by the thousands as well as a public listing in 2021.


Food deliveries have also seen a significant increase in demand last year with people being quarantined in their homes. San Francisco-based DoorDash is one of the startups that really capitalized on the apparent opportunities.

Recently filing for public listing, this startup eventually branched out into pharmaceutical and grocery deliveries, doubling the number of ‘dashers’ in its fold to adjust to their customers’ growing needs. Like similar startup models like Uber or Lyft that involve partnerships for growth, DoorDash also relies on and data analysis to center its operations on engineering values and automation which continues to work well for the brand.


This on-the-road software solutions provider from San Francisco relied on the most advanced information, machine learning, cloud-based, and sales management technologies to increase operational sustainability, efficiency, and safety in fleet trucking, introducing one of the most lucrative niches in the industry today.

By installing sensor systems and dash cams in fleets that allow clients to reduce accident-related costs and expand to newer territories, Samsara’s U.S. team continues to be strong this year with an unbelievable 9,031% revenue growth despite recent layoffs in its European counterparts.


This small but highly efficient Brooklyn startup of 85 heads made it possible for consumers to purchase expensive items at lower costs by going directly to the manufacturers. In the last five years, Brooklinen has raised over $50 million to turn itself into a global entity with more products to offer such as pillows, bed, bath, and loungewear, other than the initial beddings.

With a great social media marketing strategy that relied on strict A/B testing processes and site analytics, the startup was soon able to lower its customer acquisition costs and garner a 40% topline revenue growth in 2020.

The past year was definitely no walk in the park for various types of businesses with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe and upending consumer lifestyles and company budgets. For these startups that were able to foreshadow the looming changes, what proved to be a non-changing constant that businesses have to continually focus on is how they can attract more investments, open up new jobs for the masses, and gain the attention of the public via improved brand reputation no matter what the challenges are ahead.


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