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Tips to Help Your Resume Stand Out

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

The following is an article “Tips to Help Your Resume Stand Out”

by Marc Primo.

Hiring managers sift through countless resumes which all look the same. Likely, they try to spend as little time as possible on everyone, choosing only those that catch their attention. When you are putting together your resume, keep in mind that less is more. The goal is to go beyond the "skim" and jump to the interview pile.

Before you click 'submit' and send out your resume to the next opportunity.

Check out these strategies to make your resume stand out.

Cover letter.

Over half of HR employees, recruiters and hiring managers have stated they won't read or consider a candidate's resume unless it is accompanied by a cover letter. Craft a superb cover letter to go with your resume. Your odds of landing an interview will increase exponentially.

Stick with a simple format.

Sometimes it is difficult not to channel your inner artist, but it is probably best for you to stick with a professional format. Among the worst ways of making your resume stand out negatively, is overdoing it. You can find a lot of templates online that can help give you a twist without looking like everybody else.

Cater to the project description and specific company.

If HR employees are filtering through piles of resumes, they generally already know what they're searching for. They will need to discover the candidates that have experience doing what is in the project description. Though your experience working in retail might be valuable to get a direction or manager position, it might not be as beneficial to get a career in nursing or writing. When you are incorporating job experience and abilities to your resume, think of how it helps your chances of obtaining that particular job.

Briefly describe what you've attained.

Employers need to know what's different about you compared to other applicants or that which makes you qualified, so they ought to have the ability to observe that from merely glancing at your resume.

A standard error that lots of high school and college students make is using fillers or insignificant info in their resume to compensate for lack of expertise. Everyone sees right through it, so please don't.

Show, don't tell.

This is only one of the most significant strategies for making your resume stand out. Your goal must be to describe to your prospective employer what you have achieved, as opposed to what your previous job descriptions are. Bullet points recorded out with statements which seem more like a project description are dull and lengthy.

Instead, use powerful power verbs like "increased,'' "solved," or "improved." This is particularly important if applying for professions that deal with numbers and business.

Use a header.

Another method of making your resume stand out would be to use a header for catching the viewer's attention at the very first glance. Here, you can include your name, contact info and perhaps even the title of the place you are applying to.

Inspect and proofread before submitting your resume.

Proofreading should be among your last tasks. There is almost nothing worse than getting strong info in your resume with mistakes and typos around it. If grammar is not something excel at, then have a friend or relative look at it to capture all those errors you missed.


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