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Taking A Break Can Spell Success For Your Business

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The following is an article “Taking A Break Can Spell Success For Your Business” by Marc Primo.

Employees need to stop for either a lunch or coffee break each day before going back to their desks. This is essential in pacing both thought and energy for more important matters at hand. The same goes for you as taking a break sometimes can create a lot of good for your business.

Some businessmen believe the maxim ‘time is money’ by heart. That is true but so is ‘health is wealth’. To simplify things, it’s so easy to see that every individual should allot time to indulge in some wellness activities to continue performing productive work.

Most office-based employees don’t really need much convincing on taking a holiday or a brief wellness leave from work and rightfully so. We all need it. So let’s talk about how taking a brief break can help you be productive in terms of business.

Seek inspiration. Daily business routines can be quite monotonous and taxing, so you’ll need to break-off the routine once in a while to rejuvenate and energize yourself. Sometimes seeing the world’s beauty and meeting new people can offer solutions to pressing concerns in your business. Most creative practitioners and artists dread being stuck in a cubicle all day as they are afraid to miss out on fleeting moments of inspiration. They need the outside world to try new hobbies or learn new things from traveling. Inspirations are born out of these and can work wonders for entrepreneurs as well.

Mind your heart. Work-life balance is very important and one of your best assets is health. Some employees suffer lesser pay for time-offs with high stress levels at work, which attributes to a high percentage of illnesses. One study revealed that men who did not take holidays were 30% more likely to suffer heart attacks. Women on the other hand have 50% more chances of being ill. Taking a break on holiday every year helps you revitalize your mind and body. Avoid having to take business calls or carrying your laptop everywhere and just try to enjoy the time. Having a fresh and clear mind upon your return from holiday allows you to plan new strategies and gives you the stamina to create effective solutions.

Put family first. Another thing that can be good for you is spending some time with your family or those that are important to you. 51% of small enterprise businessmen in the US plan vacations with their families. Sadly only half give time to enjoy the company of those who can really make you happy.

Plan ahead. Plotting your calendar early for holidays is always a good idea and raises the possibility that your getaway actually happens. Know the peak seasons for your business and when it’s the least time for meetings and deliverables. And lastly, if you are to take a holiday, be sure that you inform your clients and send a turnover email to your employees or colleagues prior to packing your bags. That way, it’s only you that takes a break and not the good that’s going on with your business in your absence.


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