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Spotting The Entrepreneur In You

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The following is an article “Spotting The Entrepreneur In You” by Marc Primo.

Entrepreneurs are an interesting breed of professionals who invest on good ideas. They incessantly polish communication skills, best practices, and business mindsets to develop a personality that’s fit for success. Good ideas alone do not define the true entrepreneur but certain traits do tell us that they really are cut out for the world of business.

Knowing what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur requires a personal background check before you begin a business venture. Taking a leap of faith on a good idea without evaluating your talents can backfire if you don’t really have the proper skill set to sustain your business.

To help you with your character study, here’s a list of five telltale signs that you have what it takes to be a good entrepreneur:

#1. If you are being groomed to acquire a business that has been a family legacy for generations, then chances are you are meant for entrepreneurship. Those with parents who were their own bosses during their prime, usually end up running a family business. Though this may not always be the case, parents who run a family business pass their skill sets and business knowledge to the children even while they are younger. This way, the children learn significant aspects of the business early on.

#2. Confidence has a lot to do with being a good entrepreneur. It’s very unlikely that a businessman does not have the capability to sell himself, much more his product or service. If you believe in yourself in a way that you produce positive results, then you are cut out to be good in business. Entrepreneurship requires the ability to come up with viable solutions to difficult challenges and the tenacity to deliver satisfying results. Having doubts about your competencies will never be good for business, while an optimistic attitude makes it easier for people to believe in you and what you do.

#3. Constantly asking the right questions to disrupt routines and deliver improvements is another clear sign that you have the entrepreneur in you. Innovation is one of the keys to a successful venture and your desire to streamline processes and make things better is a valuable asset. Asking the right questions leads to learning, and the more you know, the more you can take charge in situations that call for leadership.

#4. Being a people person who has the ability to forge partnerships is another sure sign. Good communicators can acquire the necessary information or services from various sources and link them to create cohesion. You are a natural entrepreneur if you are usually agreeable and genuinely like people. On the other hand, people who usually deliver ‘robot responses’ and fail to create a more personal rapport with others in conversations will probably have a hard time operating a business.

#5. Valuing control more than securing your job may also be an indication that you should pursue a career in entrepreneurship instead of occupying an office desk. Most businessmen don’t really find comfort in depending on a boss and are take charge individuals who have the passion to make things happen. Placing more importance on how you think things should run as opposed to following instructions you don’t really believe in means that you are more inclined towards productivity than merely maintaining the status quo. While refusing to work for a boss can’t always be a good thing, those who know how a business actually works might as well run their own.

Even if you possess only one trait from the list above, soon enough you will slowly develop others once you pursue a serious career in entrepreneurship. Still, the best way to go about business is by working hard and acquiring the proper acumen. That way, you are truly in a position to always walk the talk.


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