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Software Programs That Spell Long-Term Success

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The following is an article “Software Programs That Spell Long-Term Success” by Marc Primo.

With thousands of software programs available today, modern businessmen have access to more resources that can help them succeed. The challenge lies on which programs stand out in terms of boosting productivity, profit, and marketing in the long-term.

When looking for useful business programs, consider the ones that are user-friendly and can help you strengthen your business’s weak spots. Choose those that share the same ideas as your brand, so you can establish goals for your marketing and PR, and ones that could help you get organized for better management.

If you are a business novice, software programs are great tools that can help you break into entrepreneurship and pave the road to continuing success. Here, I’ve curated some of the best that promise to improve your business skills through education and practice, or as practical tools.

QuickBooks Pro. Offered by one of the most prominent personal finance companies, Inuit, QuickBooks Pro is a perfect tool for small businesses that offer several report templates for your reference. From how to make an invoice or inventory, this program makes every management aspect of your operation easier. You can organize contacts, track your employees’ working time, manage payrolls, and help you create budgets. While it may take some time to familiarize yourself with its many functions, QuickBooks Pro is one of those essential tools in business that can help you with almost everything. The software is downloadable online or sold in disc-installers at $299.95, and compatible with Windows OS.

TurboTax. Many consider this award-winning program to be the best tax accounting software out there. Search TurboTax over the internet and you’ll also find great reviews from users. With its excellent functions in preparing tax returns and an interactive feature that lets you consult with a tax expert instantly, TurboTax is your one-stop-shop that is user-friendly, offers onscreen support, and links you to QuickBooks for expense-tracking. The live edition software is quite pricey at $79.99 but you get your money’s worth with its many useful functions.

Infusionsoft Complete. Straight from the mind of renowned businessman Clate Mask, this program is your best choice for planning your marketing strategies. Infusionsoft Complete possess several programs that help you track contacts, record meetings and exchanges with business partners and customers, and help you determine your target market’s preferences. Its Custom Campaign Builder feature tracks your contacts and organizes your email list easily, and gives you a report on your website’s performance in terms of visitors, sales, and comments. However, to get the full potential of the program, you must first undergo training to understand its features and make monthly payments that start at $199 for the basic plan.

Zoho One. This software is loaded with 40 useful apps that can help you in various aspects of business. Zoho One also provides you with convenience by integrating and syncing apps to other Zoho software products so you can do your work on the go. It helps you reach more customers to grow profit, and even balances your books. If you have a small business, this software will do wonders for you with its comprehensive suite that includes sales performance gamification, insights and reports, project management, and team communication among many others. The program offers a 30-day free trial for interested businessmen, and only costs $35 per user, per month—a small price for a jam-packed business tool that helps.

ProWorkflow. This business software program is a complete package for project management. Whether you have a small workforce or have a company run by hundreds of employee, ProWorkFlo can help you with task-tracking, time management, document collection, invoices, and team communication. It allows you to customize its features so you can work according to your preferences, offers superb customer support, and has a user-friendly interface for ease of use. Try it free for 30 days. Solo plans cost $10; Professional plans are at $20 per user; and Advanced plans are at $30 each for up to five users per month.


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