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Productivity Tools

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

The following is an article “Productivity Tools”

by Marc Primo.

I have said before, tools apps and software is not the end all fix all solution. But they do help, and some are even fun use. To be your most productive self, automation can go a long way.


Great for social automation. Buffer can automate your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and give reports with the built-in analytics.

Cost: Free, or upgrade for $10/mo.


A super user-friendly communication tool that’s out to replace every other method. People have taken such a liking to slack that it borders on addiction many complaining that it brings work home with them, which should not be an issue for new entrepreneurs anyway.

Cost: Free


RSS manager that funnels all the content you want to read into one place. Two significant bonuses of Feedly:

1) no more annoying email newsletters and

2) it integrates with Buffer.

Cost: Free

Square Cash is a secure way to transfer money and get paid. Mostly used by freelancers, but it can be used for anything. Just a few clicks to send anyone money for free!

Cost: Free


Great for task management. It’s super easy to use and implement.

Cost: Free. Or upgrade for $30/yr.


Project management tool. Efficiently collaborate and communicate requirements, due dates, and more to your team.

Cost: Free, or $5/mo. for Trello Gold


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