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Out-Of-The-Box Ideas in Packaging That Can Boost Revenue

This is an article “Out-Of-The-Box Ideas in Packaging That Can Boost Revenue” by Marc Primo

Did you know that 89% of consumers prefer brands that go with unique and modern packaging for their products? Considering concerns that range from safety, quality, and flair, product packaging creates a company’s brand image that can influence every customer’s purchasing behavior and increase profits.

Even for small and medium businesses or startups that are looking to establish their brands, customizing product packaging is essential in gaining customer interest and loyalty. With how printing and manufacturing technologies have evolved, customizing product boxes and containers are easier these days regardless of scale and size. More E-commerce platforms are opting to create their custom packaging to maximize dimensional weight pricing (DIM weight) which determines the rates used for commercial freight transfers and postal services.

If you’ve encountered those unboxing videos on YouTube, you’ll know just how much consumers cherish receiving product boxes of high-quality and just how they can increase your product’s premium which many customers will be willing to pay for.

To give you an idea of how far customized product packaging can help your business, here are a few case studies that came up with some out-of-the-box ideas that led to increased company revenue.


Remember when you were a little kid and you just received a bag of goodies from a birthday party? That’s what employees turn into when they receive a box from Caroo.

This California-based company’s objective is not only to increase a company’s brand premium via product packaging but to also encourage its employees to appreciate every aspect of their work. Specializing in team building packages, Caroo came up with Happy Hour boxes that come with assorted products that employees can enjoy in their spare time. Companies also tap Caroo for promotional campaigns for remote staff and when recognizing their hard-working team members.

Caroo boxes apply minimal designs that go well with its generously curated contents to turn rather inexpensive packages into premium gifts. It also helps that the company partners with Feeding America and provides an intangible feel-good factor for those who receive Caroo Happy Hour boxes as each one delivered equals a meal donated to the foundation. Today, over six million meals have already been donated by the company.

The process of customizing packaging and content ideas starts with a minute-long online quiz for employers which Caroo’s in-house designers will take as inspiration to create personalized company boxes. The results are unique snack boxes and are exclusively based on the company’s corporate values. This approach has listed Caroo as a company that garners over $12 million in deals with retail companies across the U.S.


Cratejoy from Texas offers assorted customizable home boxes via subscriptions that cover every occasion all year round. Their style of experiential marketing gives customers interest-centric packs that cover plants and garden gifts to artisan and hand-crafted products which are all stored in eco-friendly packages.

Just imagine sending your friends and loved ones DIY craft packages that appeal to their inner hobbyist and you’ll get a clear idea of what Cratejoy is all about. Plus, the company also allows its clients to create their own subscription packages which they can sell on their E-commerce platforms and display on their blogs or websites.

Every Cratejoy business journey includes a reliable support team via chat or email, plus a massive collection of educational and interest-based resources from webinars to case studies that will make your E-commerce venture a whole lot easier.

Providing customized packages for hobbyists of various niches enabled the company to raise over $10 million in funding as early as two years in operation.


One of the top product packaging manufacturers in the country for decades is ProAmpac which boasts a comprehensive line of offers to its clients. Practicing a corporate culture that aims for long-term partnerships and successful campaigns, this Ohio-based company forges ahead with its innovative designs and solutions centered on material science and sustainability.

Owned by Pritzker Private Capital and its investors, their product packaging lines are made to guarantee optimum product shelf life, transportability, design appeal, and mostly from planet-friendly raw materials. The team encourages brainstorming with their clients to come up with the most ideal packaging for every unique product which is supported by their advanced in-house technologies that reduce energy consumption and adverse environmental impact.

From paper to plastic to foil, ProAmpac focuses on multiple formats that are sustainable and of high performance–--a flexible packaging approach that results in lesser use of fossil fuels for production. 32% of their revenue comes from their recyclable products with six facilities devoted to sustainable development.

Considered one of the biggest product packaging manufacturers in the country with nearly 5,000 employees, ProAmpac grosses an estimated $1.4 billion in annual revenue.

Making the most out of branding

It’s easy to pinpoint the exact factors that give brands a boost just by looking at their product packaging. Designs are usually intimate to a specific consumer demographic. For example, sippy cups get more attention from kids and their parents, while the simplified designs and quality boxes of Apple’s products appeal to buyers with higher purchasing power. In other words, your product packaging also tells the story of your brand, and how you make it stand out will matter to your target market.

Even international brands like Yuta Takahashi go for the simple two-toned pattern that can still grab attention and create an impact on consumers. Since it only takes a mere four seconds for most buyers to review new and unfamiliar brands, opting to go with much simpler yet clear elements in your brand designs might be better if you are a new business.

Always remember that with each element of your design and customization–--from color to pattern, package shape to raw material---your customers can develop a certain affinity that helps them decide if they want to place their loyalty in your product. It gives your products a premium that gives joy to those who receive unique product boxes and as anyone in marketing knows, happiness sells. Customizing how you package your products is a huge step towards achieving that goal.


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