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Offline business ideas that are still in demand

This is an article ‘Offline business ideas that are still in demand’ by Marc Primo

As most consumers gravitate towards the digital space, those who can't get themselves to embrace technology are left to devise earning alternatives offline. Viewing future possibilities may motivate you to make your next financial step, if you have that business 'green thumb.' Still, it's difficult when you are unsure which limited business model to pursue.

According to recent studies from the Pew Research Center, the two main reasons why the Great Resignation of 2021 occurred were non-competitive pay and the lack of available opportunities up the career ladder. Many professionals are now looking at other career paths, and if you want to stay away from the keyboard, you should check out these lucrative offline jobs before you jumpstart your own business.

Freelance photographer

No matter what shape and form it takes through time, art will always be appreciated by everyone. Photography is one such art form that will always be lucrative for those who have a passion for it. Suppose you already have the fundamental knowledge of taking beauty or product shots and have the necessary gadgets. In that case, the remaining thing you should develop is your inspiration for creativity.

In Allen Gannet's book The Creative Curve, the big-data expert shared his thoughts on how the 'inspirational theory' is not exclusive to geniuses but is accessible to anyone with proper nurturing. In photography, studying different styles from celebrated artists such as Cindy Sherman, Robert Frank, or Eliot Porter will inspire you to search for your aesthetic tenets. While sharpening your visual techniques and signatures, think about how you can optimize your photos' marketing tactics. These facets are equally important in getting people to talk about you and your work, visit your galleries, buy your photos, or avail of your services.

According to, a successful full-time photographer can make up to 6 figures per annum. Considering that you'll start from scratch, it might be more realistic to expect at least $13 per hour of work as a novice photographer. You can then expect to grow this rate over time and experience.

The most important thing is to know what subjects you are most passionate about and apply the art within you to present a unique voice and vision for everyone to appreciate. It may be difficult at first, but practically all the masters had to overcome some hurdles before capturing that perfect shot.

Home tutor

Only around 5% of the country's 3.2 million teachers have already resorted to offering in-home tutoring jobs for added income, making it a good alternative if you need some quick cash. According to, most private tutors earn a median pay of $24 per hour. Not bad if you plan to consider it as a side job.

Business models for home tutoring vary from the simplest one, wherein tutors meet with students one-on-one in their homes, to owning a facility that several students could use to dive into their books. Additionally, remote online tutoring is another option that is expanding significantly, but there are certainly more businesses now that hire tutors to work with students from different schools and levels.

In being an excellent home tutor, it's important to remember that being professional with students means that they shouldn't feel like they are in school while being taught lessons. Instead, good tutors apply learning methods that engage the students and interest them in the tasks set during the sessions.

Try to give them tips on understanding textbooks better and explain common misconceptions about the lessons you tackle. The more they learn the tricks to improve learning, the more they'll trust you and show you results.

Insurance agent

In force majeure catastrophes, insurance offers financial protection and coverage for individuals who have signed the dotted line on such plans and policies. Whether for medical expenses or to secure their home and belongings, everyone needs insurance. Selling them is another prospective job option you should look into.

Contrary to what many might think, the art of selling is innate in everyone. As long as you know how to understand your prospects, focus on your objectives and products, and can nurture professional relationships, you have what it takes to be an insurance agent. reports that insurance agents in the country can earn a base salary of $54,138 per year, which might seem low but tends to be higher considering the commissions from sales you can get. The more policyholders you can get to sign, the higher your profits.

Among the positive aspects of being an insurance agent is flexibility in your work schedule, growth opportunities for the industry, minimum requirements (you only have to pass a state exam to be a licensed agent), and of course, the chance to provide people with great benefits. And if you are selling benefits, you can only expect increased sales if you know your product by heart.

Gym instructor

Personal training continues to grow in the country as more gyms are opening up post-pandemic. Before the health crisis, the Department of Labor predicted a rapid increase of 24% in a decade until 2020. Unfortunately, the disruption caused by COVID-19 caused 25% of the country's gyms and studios to close down that year. While many apps have been developed to match trainers with clients online for remote training sessions (similar to how dating apps work), more clients and instructors prefer face-to-face training, which is now possible again without pandemic restrictions.

Based on a report submitted by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), personal trainers can earn up to $40,000, above the country's median salary. Best of all, it doesn't take too much work to become a personal trainer– that is, if you already have the discipline and know-how. According to NASM, all you need is a high school degree or GED plus CPR and AED certifications (which you can get before you take your personal trainer exam).

There are more offline jobs that non-tech individuals can consider to help them earn more money. While it pays to know a thing or two about how they can expand to the online market, remember that hard work and passion are always the main ingredients to achieving great work, whether you take on nine-to-fives or side jobs. You'll surely see that by the incoming cash flow.


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