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New Normal Essentials for Business

This is an article “New Normal Essentials for Business” by Marc Primo

As more and more companies start to re-open for business, many have already re-channeled their budgets to investing on sanitation essentials in the workplace. Keeping employees and customers safe and productive seems like the best way to face all the challenges that this crazy new normal seems to bring. And while the current crisis has disrupted how many of us do work, it has also opened up a door of opportunity for some resourceful companies who are now providing businesses with the right solutions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the office.

After interior design specialists all over the country came up with their suggested office layouts to curb the spread of viruses in work environments, various products also emerged in the market that complement social distancing measures and infection prevention standards. From air purifiers to modern sanitizers, office wellness is at its peak more than ever.

If you are planning to re-open your business and want to ensure safer practices in the workplace, check out these new normal essentials that will do the job.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Contrary to what many think, ultrasonic humidifiers are different from your usual evaporative humidifier as the latter simply utilizes a wick that’s meant to absorb water while a fan blows mist all over the room. The ultrasonic type is more of the heavy duty alternative with a high-frequency vibrating diaphragm that emits fine disinfectant mist that creates droplets. Use this for small office areas, conference rooms, and bathrooms to keep viruses and germs floating around in your common areas.

Backpack Sprayers

Previously used widely in farms to spray pesticides on crops, the backpack sprayer has redefined itself as a new normal essential that can now be used in offices, restaurants, supermarkets, and schools. It’s actually a no-brainer how this thing can be one of the most convenient and cost-efficient ways to disinfect spaces. However, there’s more to learn before using them.

The average backpack sprayer applies a pressure of 60 pound-force per square inch (psi) but more powerful brands can shoot up to 90 psi. When using backpack sprayers at the office, 60 psi would be enough and more ideal to produce larger droplets for better disinfecting coverage.

Automatic Hand Sanitizers

We see them in most public places but the manual type just doesn’t sit well with most of us as they can be a breeding ground for more germs. Just imagine how many dirty hands pump these containers to ironically get alcohol-based liquid through a nozzle. Automatic hand sanitizers offer more workplace safety and cost-efficiency with contact-free features and measured releases that’s very ideal for companies who have a substantial number of staff coming into the office.

Disinfection Cabinets

With the use of ultraviolet rays that are proven to break down COVID-19 DNA, disinfection cabinets is a must for your business. Most products promise to eliminate 99% of germs from items in the office that are commonly used such as staplers, pens, computer mouses, and the like. What you do is simply put the items inside the cabinet for some quick disinfection and you have yourself germ-free office supplies whenever you need them.

Investing in these workplace solutions not only ensures your employees safety at the office but can also give them sound minds about how you are addressing the current challenges. Letting them know that their wellbeing is among your top priorities can definitely boost productivity, strengthen confidence in the company, and stamp your mark as a responsible leader.


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