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Learn How You Learn

The following is an article “Learn How You Learn”

by Marc Primo.

Seasoned entrepreneurs know the path to success is not usually a straight arrow. Learning from your mistakes is a must. More and more investors are looking for the kind of entrepreneur that can bounce back from failure more than the ones with a perfect record. The business culture has turned a new leaf and it is all about learning.

So what kind of learner are you?

Throughout your life, you may have encountered many teachers and teaching methods and realized some worked better than others. This is true for all of us. Different techniques may differ in efficacy from person to person. This article will describe a few archetypal learners; hopefully, you will find yourself in one of these categories and use the knowledge to better your learning curve.

If you apply this knowledge in life and business, you increase your odds of using life lessons towards growing your business and becoming a better entrepreneur.

The visual learner

Visual learners attach data to graphics colors signs and motion. They understand and retain information best when it is presented in an interactive environment. It entails a mix of photographic memory, spatial awareness, and color. Research shows 65% of the population are visual learners.

As an entrepreneur, you can related business ideas to a story and in essence, paint yourself a picture of how thing need to go to achieve success. Make a mind map or flowchart that details specific steps to acquire capital or present an idea to board members. You would be well suited to PowerPoints or interactive video presentations to help you express your points.

Auditory learners

Auditory learners work best. About 30% of the population are auditory learners. If you find yourself in this category, you are probably a good listener. Absorb information in meetings and use it to your benefit. Networking and remembering the details said without too much effort can help you input your take on matters. The drawback is when self-studying auditory learners are easily distracted. Using bineural beats or a study track in a quiet place is best. It may also be necessary to repeat things out loud to yourself to better internalize the information.

Kinesthetic learners

The kinesthetic learner learns by doing. Engaging in an activity related to the subject matter is the best way to go. Only 5% of the population seems to be kinesthetic learners. If you find yourself amongst the few, you might love to move around while in a meeting. Some people might take offense and believe you to be uninterested. The thing to do here is recognize you are a kinesthetic learner and explain to coworkers that by pacing around when others speak you internalize the information better. With this simple upfront explanation, you will save yourself from the torture of staying still and avoid annoying some of your colleagues. When blended with other learning habits kinesthetic learners make great leaders since action is a requirement.

The more you know yourself, the better you can adapt to an ever-changing environment. Learning how to learn should always be a top priority to you as an entrepreneur. will surely convert.


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