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How to Turn Your Passion Into a Side Hustle

This is an article “How to Turn Your Passion Into a Side Hustle” by Marc Primo

Since the advent of the internet in the late 90’s, people from all walks of life have discovered how easily they can capitalize on their soft skills and passion projects. Today, the level of competitiveness has risen to greater heights with freelancers, online sellers, and other ‘netrepreneurs’ becoming more informed and knowledgeable about how it all works.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that revisiting your true passions in life and turning them into a side hustle is very possible these days with the many available tools on the web you can use to market, sell, and advertise.

Here are some ideas to help you begin your e-commerce journey:

Be a freelance writer

The freelance writing industry contributed over $1 trillion to the US economy last year and more people are jumping on the bandwagon as demand rises for more online content and marketing jobs available.

If you have the passion to write about a specific subject, then by all means go for it and make a profit while you’re at it. The first thing you have to do is pick a niche to write about—one that you’re most passionate about, then create a website or blog with the intention of boosting your online presence and advertising your services. You may use Wordpress, Wix, or Medium as your writing platform where you can upload your writing portfolio and showcase your flair.

Once you have uploaded a good number of writing samples, create a portfolio and try to pitch yourself to potential clients and go visit writing job boards online to land clients. These days, freelance writers on Upwork usually earn $15 to $80 an hour. If you have the chops to engage an audience and are really passionate about writing, there’s no reason not to make a significant profit out of this honest to goodness side hustle.

Conduct webinars

More individuals and companies have discovered the effectiveness and convenience of webinars, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world’s population to stay inside their homes. People have discovered how e-conferences and online presentations can be conducted online with good results in attendance, less efforts in organization, and flexibility in scheduling and location.

Webinars allow you to share your knowledge via online sessions with an audience using available web tools such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and the like. You can share your screen for PowerPoint presentations, multimedia files, and interact in real-time with your audience.

If you have the passion for public speaking, then webinars are the perfect platform to invite people to sign up and engage in your discussions. It also gives you a good opportunity to be an online influencer once people give you positive feedback on your seminars and workshops. Profit varies according to your expertise, so you may want to check how much you can charge here.

Teach via the internet

Similar to conducting webinars, qualified educators who have discovered e-learning possibilities are also making a killing online with the demand for tutorial services getting higher due to the new coronavirus outbreak.

Whether you sign up with an agency or offer services in your social media pages, you can acquire customers who need to learn about a particular subject which you must be very familiar with. Simple elementary subjects like English, math, and science are very much in demand these days and you won’t even need a degree to share your knowledge. For good measure, try to gain proper certification that will let your target market know that you are a legitimate educator and can really do the job.

There are more passion projects that people can pursue over the internet, but you can also do some offline gigs such as food and beverage services, handicrafts, fitness, or agriculture. It’s just that creating a social media page and doing some basic online marketing definitely helps you reach wider audiences and get your name out there, which is what you really want as you start your sideline.


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