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How Generation Z Impacts Your Business

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The following is an article “How Generation Z Impacts Your Business” by Marc Primo.

Generation Z’ers are a different breed compared to Millennials. Those born during the mid-nineties through the second decade of this century are more tech-savvy and privy of company values and leadership. By 2021, they are expected to comprise twenty percent of today’s workforce---a large bulk of consumers who are active via online markets.

While many assume that Generation Z’ers are merely baby siblings of Millennials, this generation is poised as the new game-changers in business. Along with bullish prospects for emerging brands and products comes this generation’s hunger for product quality and company integrity.

In order for your business to survive in the near future, you should start reviewing the collective mindset of this emerging market.

They offer new insights. Being a more meticulous and diverse group, Generation Z’ers spend the most time doing research on social media platforms than any other demographic market. This means that they make it a point to review products and services before making a purchase. Hiring Generation Z’ers for your business can also do a lot for your business as they can give you new insights that allow you to become more flexible. By hearing out their preferences and suggestions, you can apply the brand of creativity that appeals to new markets and reinforce your digital presence. Seventy percent of job seekers review companies via labor websites, so highlight your business’s strengths, values, mission, vision, and offered opportunities in such sites as JobStreet or Glassdoor. Today’s methods of applying for jobs are now quicker than two decades ago, so make sure you are swift in processing them as well.

They prefer to interact. Generation Z consumers value feedback and face-to-face interactions. They appreciate your efforts in personally answering their queries and offering solutions to their concerns. Giving them the time of day despite your busy schedule will win their trust and confidence in your business. Chat features on your website can make it easier for you to reach them. Refrain from utilizing chatbots that issue standard responses as these can turn them off. Part of why they want to engage in interaction is because they want to have a clear reading of what you have in mind when it comes to their concerns. On your part, you may want to get to know them better and likewise pick their brains so you can implement improvements in your service.

They embrace diversity. Generation Z’ers are not defined by a single stereotype. They give importance to individuality and are open to experiment with new things when it comes to their identities. The tricky part here is how you should maintain certain business standards and guidelines yet remain flexible when necessary. By regularly reviewing the trends that appeal to this generation, you could adjust your business standards accordingly so that all your target markets can relate to them. Write engaging content on social media that shows how you constantly place great value to their personal perceptions. Engage them in discussions, be inclusive as much as you can, and never be offensive as most internet trolls are said to belong to both the Millennial and Generation Z age ranges. Just try your best to be subjective during online discussions, and always keep your main objectives in mind while being respectful of their individualities.


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