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Entrepreneurs to Watch Out For This 2020

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

This is an article “Entrepreneurs on the Rise This 2020” by Marc Primo.

Every aspiring businessman is in search of a worthy guru who can light up the flame of inspiration towards success and in today’s sea of self-help books and podcasts, we learn a gamut of success stories from entrepreneurs all around the world. This year, big names from the world of startups are making the media rounds and we are all thirsty for that piece of thought leadership advice that can help us make things happen and lead to better profits.

Regardless of background, field, and social standing, these four individuals can teach all of us a thing or two about how to make it big in today’s world of business.

Nabeel Ahmad

Our first thought leader on the list dropped out of college to pursue a lucrative career in digital marketing, software development, and media. Out of the 22-year old’s many established ventures, Nabeel is most known for his work as the CEO of Vertabyte, a digital marketing and solutions provider to some of the biggest brands in the world today. By riding the wave of digital technology and mastering it with passion, Nabeel has been hailed as one of the most trusted marketing consultants whose work has been published in several prominent media publications including Forbes, and Entrepreneur among others. When it comes to digital marketing, Nabeel says that influencers, content, and video engagement are the key drivers to successful campaigns.

Dev Garg

Like Nabeel, Dev is another serial entrepreneur who came out from the deep stranglehold of debt to become one of the most outstanding startup visionaries today. Serving as the founder of EasyAnalytic and EdHERO, Dev drew inspiration from his own failures to help other emerging SMEs and educators to draw their best potentials and strengthen their brands through effective marketing. According to Dev, executing your business plans by hiring the right people in your team is just as important as data gathering and research when starting a company. And it’s best we take his word for it as Dev’s ventures have helped hundreds of startups via his latest venture Bootstarting which aims to aid over 1 million startup owners around the world and enrich the lives of billions by the next decade.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a media and communications expert, best-selling author, and business mogul who transformed his father’s local liquor store into a thriving wine e-commerce company earning millions. Today, Gary has branched out into the world of advertising and digital marketing and serves as the active CEO of VaynerMedia which he co-founded with his brother, plus more roles in his other ventures including the Gallery Media Group, VaynerSports, Green Street, and Resy. Despite his busy life, Gary finds time to be a podcast host and one of the most sought after public speakers today. Gary places importance on speed and the ‘wake up and grind’ mentality that propelled him to success. He is considered the most hardworking hustler in the ad industry today and has over $125 million in revenue to show for it.

Alex Cavoulacos

Leaving a job you love and excel at can be difficult but not if you have the proper wares to create your own company. That’s what Alexandra Cavoulacos did in 2011 when she left her management consulting position to be the founder and president of The Muse-- a career-finding, skills development, and professional advancement platform she shares with company CEO and former McKinsey & Company colleague Kathryn Minshew and Former Harvard Crimson Executive Editor Melissa McCreery. What sets Alex apart from the other ladies though is how she created the innovation of helping millions of professionals customize their own career support and job searches via MuseFeed. Also the successful author of “The New Rules of Work” which she co-wrote with Minshew, Alex followed her belief that a novel idea that could help millions is worth taking the risks for despite the lack of funds and know-how. Today, Alex has been included in INC’s 15 Women to Watch in Tech, Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech, and the National Herald’s 40 Under 40.


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