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Be the Best Leader You Can Be This 2020

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The following is an article “Be the Best Leader You Can Be This 2020” by Marc Primo.

Whatever naysayers say about coming up with recycled or fresh resolutions every New Year, most people always take a chance at polishing themselves to be the best that they can be. When it comes to business, it is also the best time of the year to set up new goals and improve one’s self professionally. For those aiming higher, attaining success as a leader can actually take just a few steps to accomplish.

We all know that a leader wears many hats and comes in different types, but simply put, a leader is someone who develops himself as an integral part of an organization by helping others execute things the right way. Whether through sound direction or by inspiring team members to stick to the master plan, a good captain should always be going out for the win

In 2020, try out these great ideas that can help you improve your leadership skills.

Envision success. Every leader needs a vision to steer his flock to success. It is the key that drives all efforts toward productivity so try to define your vision that it is realistic, attainable, and convincing to your team. A vision need not be 10 to twenty years ahead. Try coming up with something you can plan for the year as a start and see where that takes you, moving forward. When you polish your vision, always remember to include the corresponding direction, priorities, and timeline so you can measure success more efficiently.

How should you go about creating a vision? Consider your team’s strengths and see where you are on your goals roadmap. Build on what improvements can be realized and combine creativity and intelligent assessment as you do it. Then ask yourself what problems can be solved, and how you can encourage your members to become significant contributors to realizing your vision. Make sure it resonates with your team so that they have a clear picture of the success you have in mind.

Be consistent. As a leader, your staff will look up to you for inspiration and motivation. They will have that keen sense to detect your enthusiasm in carrying out projects from start to finish, so it’s necessary to always believe in the vision you’ve created for them. One thing you should be wary about is when bigger challenges or changes come and you find your leadership tested and your enthusiasm fading. Try to link your vision with what needs to be done and always stay on track towards your goals. It’s difficult enough for your team to follow a vision that’s not their own, so work hard to keep expectations in check and remember to reward accomplishments to keep them motivated.

Face your fears. As previously stated, challenges and changes will definitely come and test your leadership and that means you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone from time to time in order to achieve favorable results. Taking the risk in doing something new can teach you valuable lessons as a leader and eliminate the fear that comes with it; just make proper calculations before you do so. Taking a leap of faith is not always recommended especially when you are about to make big management decisions that involve money, personnel changes, or product modifications. So carefully review your pros and cons before you take that risk. Doing so will only make your chances for opportunity bigger and you can’t let fear hold you back if you want to become an effective leader.


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