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Top 10 Books You Should Read As An Entrepreneur

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The following is an article “Top 10 books for Entrepreneurs 2018”

by Marc Primo.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. You must be ready to make bold decisions and take risks not many people would even dream about. It is therefore important to find guidance but finding a good, and willing mentor is harder than we would like to admit.

So, what should one do?

Reading books can give you fresh ideas and solutions to challenges that people in business encounter every day. For a budding entrepreneur, the following books will inspire and guide you as you navigate your way through the mucky business waters of entrepreneurship.

Superconnector by Ryan Paugh and Scott Gerber

This book sheds light on the future of networking as a consequence of the emergence of social media and the concept of social capital. It alludes to a set of habits that networkers should put their focus on. This book attempts to show the influence in establishing certain relationships the same way bringing certain individuals together enhances innovativeness in finding solutions and general success. Reading it will help you realize desirable networking habits that will benefit you both in business and in life.

Performance Partnerships by Robert Glazer

This book reminds us that affiliate marketing is still a viable marketing strategy and refutes the notion that it is outdated. By borrowing insights from various industry leaders and influencers, it shows why affiliate marketing should be included in your marketing strategy moving forward. The book further demonstrates why performance partnerships need to be increased and leveraged; making for the perfect read for anybody who is skeptical about affiliate marketing.

The One Device by Brian Merchant

This book is a national bestseller that sheds light on the details of how Apple’s iPhone, the most profitable product in the world was created. It gives the reader an analytical understanding of how they can apply the strategy to a product that is still in its development stage. This is an exciting book with vivid details that any reader will find easy to understand the birth of the iPhone.

The Captain Class by Sam Walker

This book explains the anatomy of teams and team leaders and what you can do to ensure that your team has a winning blueprint. The formula, which was devised by the author, has led to success stories for different teams spread all over the world that attempted it. Walker got it from looking at the work ethic of successful teams and by focusing on their team captains. By reading this book, you will know how to configure your company by putting the right personalities in the “captain” positions.

Reset by Ellen Pao

This is a story of endurance in a competitive work environment that will inspire you when in similar circumstances. It traces the struggles of Pao in her professional career and the lessons she learned for the benefit of the reader. The former CEO of Reddit shows how activism against malpractices can bring the needed change in an organization. A nice read to get you thinking critically about your own situation.

Selling Vision by Rick Cheatham and Lou Schachter

The authors of this book apply their experience is the sales industry to come up with optional approaches to effecting change. This can be brought about by focusing on customer’s perspectives and that of salespeople to identify instances that cause success. This book will help you find a plan to reach your sales target come next year.

Hug your Haters by Jay Baer

This is a customer-service book that focuses on customer expectations in an era defined by social media. It helps the reader to transition from the traditional forms of serving customers through email and phones to meeting customer expectations as the public watches everything online. It advises on how to handle complaints and convert haters of your business into brand ambassadors.

Hit Makers by Derek Thompson

This book talks about the viral nature of a brand and how to increase it. The author considers major brands like ESPN, Star Wars, etc. in understanding the psychology which makes human beings euphoric. He shows that popularity is a science rather than something people think about.

Learn Better by Ulrich Boser

This book takes away from the traditional learning approach that involves remembering dates, facts, and details which doesn’t seem to be bearing results and introduces a better approach from simple techniques that it describes.

Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

A bestseller in the NY Times, this book contains thought-provoking insights to make the reader assess him or herself individually and the society at large with the hope of inspiring one to make definitive changes.


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